Do I need sex therapy? - Safe-sex Do I need sex therapy? - Safe-sex
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To understand if we are suffering from a problem that can be resolved through sex therapy, it is advised to know a little more about sex therapy, and for whom it is intended.

Sexuality is a significant part of our lives, both as individuals and in relationships. Being able to have good and satisfying sexual relationships is an integral part of our lives as adults, but unfortunately many face difficulties in their sexual lives.

Difficulties can be personal – problems of satisfaction, of connecting with our own bodies, inability to reach an orgasm, threshold of stimulation too high or too low.  Difficulties may also exist between us and our partners – rapid or delayed ejaculation in men, inability to maintain an erection, inability to achieve an orgasm in sexual relations, pain during penetration, and more.

Sometimes it is not a real problem, rather feelings of dissatisfaction, an emotional lack or deprivation that make it difficult for us to fully enjoy sexual relations.

Sexual difficulties can lead to significant difficulties that make it problematic to maintain a healthy and satisfying relationship over time.

Another issue is the shame and embarrassment of men and women suffering from sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is considered a social taboo and people are in no hurry to admit this difficulty to themselves or to their partners. Sometimes they do not understand that they have a problem and that there is a solution for this problem.

The field of sex therapy has developed greatly in recent years, it is intended for individuals and couples who cope with problems or feel unfulfilled in their sexual lives.

Sex therapy aims to help every couple realize their sexuality in a way that suits them. Our sexuality is a mosaic of emotional, cognitive and physical elements that are all part of the process, the experience can't be divided and enjoyed in one channel only. Therefore, sex therapy may include several professionals from different fields such as Gynecology, Psychology, Physiotherapy for pelvic floor rehabilitation, Urology or Psychiatry, all in accordance with the specific needs of the person.

Problems that can be treated with the help of a sex therapist:

Sexual dysfunction: vaginismus and pain during penetration, unorgasm (inability to reach an orgasm), absence of or decrease in sexual desire, difficulty in obtaining and maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation and more.

Emotional difficulties related to sexuality: Some of those who turn to a sex therapist do not suffer from difficulties that are formally defined as sexual dysfunction, they deal with emotional difficulties that impair their ability to function sexually. The reasons for these problems include performance anxiety, sexual shyness, and sexual anxiety or disgust from sex.

Sex related Couple Difficulties: Some couples who turn to a sex therapist for treatment due to difficulties and tension in their sexual life, and not because of a problem of one of the partners. For example, couples may turn to a sex therapist because of disparity in their sexual needs, finding out about homosexual or bisexual orientation of one of the partners, marital sexual erosion, and so on.

Difficulties in sex after trauma: Men and women who have experienced sexual trauma may experience sexual difficulties of various kinds. Accordingly, a sexual therapist offers treatment aimed at improving sexual functioning while addressing the traumatic context in which the sexual difficulties were created.

Sexual difficulties due to a medical problem: People whose sexual life was normal throughout their lives may experience various sexual difficulties because of a change in their physical condition. For example, a decrease in self-esteem due to disability after an accident may result in sexual dysfunction, or for example a person may develop anxiety after a heart attack that sex can lead to another heart attack. A sex therapist may be contacted in cases where there has been a decrease in sexual function following a medical event, a change in physical condition, injury, disability, etc.

Addiction to sex or pornography: Addictions to sex or pornography are often accompanied by impaired sexual functioning even within a sufficient relationship and, accordingly, a sex therapist offers treatment aimed at establishing a healthier and more satisfying sexuality.

Treatment of perversions and sexual delinquency: More rare reasons for turning to a sex therapist, but equally important, are deviations and sexual delinquency. Sexual perversions refer to situations in which the sexual desires prevent the person from establishing functional relationships (pedophilia, fetishism, voyeurism, etc.). Whereas sexual delinquency refers to situations in which a sexual offense was committed (rape, sexual contact with a minor, Indecent exposure). In these situations, the treatment of is first and foremost aimed at reducing the danger of the patient and then rehabilitating towards having a healthier sex life.

The treatment will be provided in the Levinsky clinic by two experienced staff members:

Dr. Idan Milicher – Couple and family therapist and an experienced psychotherapist

Dr. Judith Kertesz – A family doctor and a sex therapist.

The treatment is free and anonymous, for individuals and couples, regardless of  your religion, race, sex or gender.

You are welcome to make an appointment at 03-5373738 during business hours.