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People are always complaining about condoms. They say that they are uncomfortable, destroy an erection and get in the way of intimacy and feelings during sex. Others feel that if they ask their partners to wear a condom it means that they do not trust them or indicates promiscuity. If your partner is averse to wearing a condom and uses it as an excuse not to wear one, you are not alone.

Condoms significantly reduce the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and prevent pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to find a way to change your partner's mind. Speak with your partner about the risks of unprotected sex and what needs to be done in order to protect yourself and one another. Here are some strategies that may help you.

1. There is no condom in my size

There is no one condom that fits everyone. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain condoms in different shapes and sizes, colors, textures and a variety of materials, so the chances of finding a condom that suits your needs for pleasurable and comfortable sex are very good! For example, it is possible to use rough edged or dotted condoms to increase the friction for both sides or use a warming lubricant. There are also very thin condoms that increase the intensity of the feeling without affecting the safety of the contact.

2. My boyfriend does not agree to wear one but I still have sex with him without one…

If you are a woman who cannot successfully convince her partner to use a condom on a regular basis, you can try using a female condom which you use on your own. It is important to pay attention not to wear a female condom together with a male condom since the friction between the two can cause tearing.

3. We are in a serious relationship, so why?

Insisting on wearing a condom not only protects you but also protects your partner. Using a condom is not indicative of a lack of love, but rather a true expression of mutual affection. Even if you are dating for a long time, you can stop using condoms only after you both are tested and neither of you has any disease that may infect the other person.

4. A condom destroys my erection!

There are men who cannot maintain an erection when using a condom. Many times this is caused because of using an unsuitable condom and other times it is related to some psychological difficulty, difficulty in sexual function or alcohol/ drug use. If using a different type of condom (or stopping the use of addictive substances) does not solve the problem, you should see your doctor.

5. I just ran out…

Don’t reach a situation where you have finished all of your condoms. Buy two boxes so that you will always have a condom "during an emergency". When you put on a condom you don’t have to stop the sexual act. In order to reduce the "disturbance" of putting on a condom, keep the condom near you so that you can save the hassle and time (pocket/ wallet/ nightstand).