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Six Facts about Alcohol, Parties and Sex

1.The Following Day

Hangovers. Anyone who has ever had a hangover does not wמat to ever have one again. Right? So what do you have to do?

  • Don’t ever drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
  • For every glass of alcohol, it is recommended to drink at least one glass of water. A hangover is actually the dehydration of the body, which is a side effect of alcohol consumption.
  • It is recommended to snack while drinking so that the body can easily absorb the alcohol.
  • Be careful of drinking cheap/imitation/diluted alcohol. Not everyone can distinguish between quality and non-quality alcohol just from tasting it. If you have even the slightest concern that this is too cheap of a deal, or practically free, be smart and don’t drink. Damage from imitation or “cheap” non-quality alcohol can lead to hospitalization. You can get up to date information about which bottles to be wary of on the website of the Department of Health, because a significant amount of imitations are on the market.

2. How much should i drink?

Okay, everyone has a different capacity. Every person needs to know their own limits, but the real difficulty is handling peer pressure, especially when you are in a group. Be strong and love yourself sufficiently to say “enough!” when you have drunk to your limits. You don’t need to participate in every round of drinks. There is nothing wrong with telling your friend “man, I’m good”. It does not make you weaker, on the contrary. If you know ahead of time that you can’t drink a lot, be sure to have long intervals between each drink so that you do not become intoxicated too quickly. There is also the option of “coddling” your drink for a long time, that way you’ll feel like you always have a drink in your hand, you won’t feel different, and you won’t be subject to any pressure. Remember that the amount of alcohol you consume is up to you. You are your best watchman and no one should tell you otherwise. But what about drinking games? They are for losers….

3. You reached the destination!

You already know this, but we will remind you again: did you drink alcohol? Don’t drive! If everyone in your group is drinking – take a taxi, bus, flying carpet or just walk. There is no party worth ending your life for. Pavement is a little less stressful and there is no party worth losing your license for. Think of the possible consequences and the expense of the taxi will not feel all that expensive after all. Strictly speaking, having to use buses because of a suspended license is like having your own hangover for almost an entire year… ouch!!

4. Boys (and clearly girls should also read this)

No offense, we don’t think that every man is a potential sex offender, but you are responsible for understanding the social situation you are in.

  • You are at a party and you are horny. Cool. You hit on a girl and she’s interested. Great? Right! Stop there and check if she wants to continue. Remember that you must make sure that she consents each time before you continue. That she agrees to kiss you is not to say that she will agree to sleep with you, and that she agrees to sleep with you now does not mean that she will still agree later or tomorrow. “I drank too much” is not an excuse.

Here’s a tip: if she tells you that she doesn’t want to continue, accept it and let it go. It will only give you credit. Besides, in your imagination she is yours and you can fantasize about her when you are masturbating.

  • The girls around you should get the respect that you demand for yourself. Just because she is wearing a mini skirt, it is not her way of saying “come on to me!”, this is how she dresses. Not all flirting is an invitation for sex. Here’s another tip: girls like to be wooed, gently.
  • Sex is something that should be done with awareness, consent and reciprocity. Sex with many people at once is a dangerous situation for everyone, because there is no reciprocity. Yes, even if she said that it is okay, it is not worth it for you to take the risk. Have you happened to encounter this situation? Have you heard about this situation? Report it, the law requires you to do so. To who? At the bottom of this article you will find links to numbers of hotlines, support and useful assistance.

5. Girls (but anyone in touch with their masculinity should also read this)

Parties are a great place to meet people, but with all due respect to gentlemen who want to buy girls a drink – no, thank you. True, not all men in the world are on the prowl, but one is enough to ruin your life. Are you at a party? It is really not recommended to drink from a glass that is not yours. Don’t even take a sip from anyone on the dance floor. You came with friends? Then be there for one another. If someone gets away from the group, make sure that she is not too intoxicated to take care of herself. Don’t be afraid to intervene if your friend seems to be in trouble or if it appears that someone is pressuring her too much.

You met someone interesting? Groping someone in a dark stall can be really sexy, it’s only important that you do so consensually when you are feeling safe with the guy that is with you. Maybe our message is bumming you out because you want a horny guy to restrain himself, and you are right, but caution can protect your physical and emotional health forever.

You may be shocked, but use of the “date rape drug” has become so common in the United States that a nail polish to detect the drug in drinks has been invented. How does it work? You apply the nail polish to your nails. When you get a drink you mix it with your finger. If the nail polish changes colors then it is a sign that there is a dangerous drug in the drink. Currently, the nail polish is being developed by a group of students overseas. This invention obviously does not exempt us from continuing to educate a culture of safe and non-abusive sex, but it can also save lives and be a deterring factor to predators. When this product arrives to Israel, we promise to provide an update!

6. Boys and Girls, Boys and Boys, Girls and Girls

There is sex at the party and everything is consensual. Coooool!. Did you just meet or did you arrive together – whatever. What is important is that you do everything to keep yourselves safe. A condom will protect you more than you think: it will prevent getting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS and will also prevent pregnancy. You want a cool souvenir from the party, right? Take a selfie, Instagram… but you definitely do not want an itchy souvenir… so use a condom. Simply do not give up your right to be safe.

Go out and have fun!

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